Product Description


rated operational current: 160A-250A-400A
rated operational voltage: 400V
class:AC-22 B

  • They are suitable to carry , make and break load currents in normal circuit conditions.
  • They have high breaking capacity with proven type tests.
  • For making and breaking operation , velocity and power independent from operator and produced by spring mechanism.
  • Three poles and two positions.
  • For each pole , making and breaking are made from 4 different points. So there is no voltage on fuse holders in open position , for this reason chancing of fuse can make safetly.
  • To prevent unexpected operations handle can be padlocked.
  • The length of telescopic shaft can be adjusted according to panel depth.
  • EFO L.V. Switchdisconnectorfuses can be mounted from back or front side to the panelboards.
  • Frame is made from special self extinguished plastic which is resistant to abnormal heat and flame.
  • EFO L.V. Switchdisconnectorfuses have reliable position indicator , close ( 1 ) and open ( 0 ).
  • Fixed and moving contacts are made from silver plated eloctrolytic copper. For this reason power lose is minimizied.
  • There are arc seperators made from poly carbonate between poles.
  • They can carry short circuit currents and make on short circuits in times according to IEC 609473.